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5 Things I Spotted Women Wearing in Europe

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5 Things I Spotted Women Wearing in Europe

Last Friday, I mentioned that I spotted this dress everywhere on our recent trip, and a few readers asked for more takeaways. So! Here are five things I saw women wearing…

1. Floral dresses. As I mentioned, every time I turned a corner, I saw a woman in a version of this dress: a mini or midi, with white flowers, in either bright red or green. Adorable! Flirty! Ubiquitous! Here are a few more: mini, wrap, square neck, flowy.

2. High-waisted black denim shorts, paired with a loose white tee or tank. Laid-back, sexy, and very, very cool. (Pro tip: Jenny swears by this girlfriend tee.)

3. Sling bags. Fanny packs, banana sacs, mini crossbodies — whatever you call them, these bags were popular with both men and women. Even nine-year-old Anton noticed them and begged for one as a late birthday present. If money were no object, I love this; and here’s a similar Target version.

French bob

4. French bobs. My head is waaaaaayyyyy to big to ever pull this off, but how cute is this wavy crop? Would you / could you? One night, our restaurant server had this cut, and Alex had to tell me to quit mentioning how cute it was and just focus on our convo! To get effortless waves, I love this spray.

5. White sneakers, especially white Vejas and Converse high-tops, which looked cool with dresses (including the one above!).

Thoughts? What are you wearing these days?

P.S. The sneakers I always wear, and would you try a matching set?

(Red bus photo by Martí Sans/Stocksy. First bob photo of Abbey Frazer by Florence Hair; second bob photo by Hair by Charlottee.)

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