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Everything You Need To Understand About 8×7 Garage Doors

Ever heard of garage doors? If yes then you might also have heard of different sizes such as 8×7 garage doors. Ever wondered what are these sizes and what do they mean? Ever wondered what they denote and what are their benefits? This article is all about them so keep reading to learn about 8×7 garage doors in details.

Ideally, an 8×7 is a standard size of a garage doors. Garage entrances in US, UK, CA, and other countries are of a standard or a relatively similar size with minor differences. This helps garage door makers to make standard products of standard sizes so they fit well in the entrance. 8×7 is one of them. A garage door is made of small door panels where each door is 8 feet long and 7 feet wide. The panels can be of different sizes that make up a whole door.

Garage doors of 8×7 are usually almost square and that’s why you might have observed that most garages are mostly square entrances. This helps a car to easily enter or exit the garage without damaging or knocking the garage wall.

Benefits of 8×7 Garage Doors

8×7 garage doors have a lot of benefits and they’re detailed below in this section:

  • The 8×7 is an ideal size for most cars and small SUVs. You don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking your car into random stuff when entering or exiting the garage.
  • 8×7 doors are available in different styles and sizes, which makes the overall garage’s front appearance appealing. This way you can achieve an amazing look of your garage.
  • Another benefit is that the size 8×7 is optimized for budget. This size is best to accommodate a car easily without extra unused area. A larger door would be useless since what’s the need for a large door when you can accommodate a car through a smaller door? 8×7 is neither too small nor too large, and costs within the most users’ budgets.

Things To Remember While Buying 8×7 Garage Doors

When you’re buying a garage door of 8×7 size, you should remember a few things to make your purchase interesting. They’re detailed below:

  1. First thing is that you should choose the material that is used in the manufacturing. Always remember that doors are the front-end security panels, which act as a shield to your garage. So choose a door made of steel or other strong material.
  2. Choose a brand that offers quality products. Recommended brand is Bestar as it’s known for quality door panels for ages.
  3. Ensure that the color and design suits your taste. Always remember that door panels are available in different colors especially dark such as black and other similar shades. Go for a panel that will match your overall building’s exterior.


Wondering where to buy Bestar products from? They have their official website. Go there and request for a free consultation. That way you can talk to the experts and learn the best way to get a door installed to your garage entrance. They’ll guide you how to proceed.

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