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Five Questions to Get Right When Buying a Giraffe Tools Space Saving Design Washer

Whether it is meant for complex or simple tasks at home, a quality pressure washer has gradually become a priority tool for cleaning tasks. The devices have also been developed in unique and custom design such that you can find the right pressure washer for any job you want to accomplish. A Giraffe Tools space saving design washer is a machine you can rely on when you want your surfaces clean without using a detergent and brush.

Questions to ask yourself when buying a Giraffe Tools Space Saving Design Washer

Getting a suitable pressure washer will save you the agony of making return trips to the store. Luckily, the Giraffe Tools space saving design washer doesn’t frustrate you and makes sure you achieve your cleaning or restoration goals. Here are five questions to get right before buying this machine.

How much power does it need?

Before browsing for your favorite washer, know how much power you require. The range for PSI or the average pressure washer is between 750 to 1500 PSI. Such force is adequate for light work around the home. However, anything between 2000 to 3000 PSI for your tasks will require more power.

Should the pressure washer be portable?

Another factor to consider is whether or not you’ll frequently be moving your unit. If this is the case, a pressure washer with wheels is your best fit. Additionally, a petrol-powered unit is also a viable option. However, the average portable washer comes with an extendable hose, with others being seventy feet in length, thus, making them quite versatile without them being mobile.

Is it a cold or a hot pressure washer?

Whichever job you plan to undertake with your Giraffe Tools space saving design washer, know whether you require a hot or cold pressure washer. A hot pressure washer suits industrial jobs due to the water’s high temperature. A cold pressure washer is the most common residential tool because of its simplicity in usage and affordability.

What are the features?

Pressure washers come in all shapes, sizes, and brands. However, they differ in the types of features they offer. Some pressure washers have auto-shut off where the unit shuts down when you stop holding on to the trigger. Others come with some attachments included or come with wheels. Carefully identify what you need from your pressure washer before buying.

How much does it cost?

It’s also important to note that with more added features and attachments comes a higher price tag. You might want all the latest features a particular pressure washer has, but end up being above your budget. The best way to stay on course is by identifying what you need your pressure washer to do before searching for one.


A pressure washer is undoubtedly a helpful machine to have in your home. However, because they come in different specifications and uses, you must know what. Browsing the available units on our website will have you settle on the best Giraffe Tools space saving design washer suited for you.

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