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Golden Pokémon Cards: The Most Expensive Gold Pokémon Cards

golden pokemon cards are highly coveted collectible items. They are metal cards covered in a gold substance that many collectors seek to own. Pokémon cards were introduced in October 1996 as a collectible card game called the Pokémon Card Trading Game.

These cards were developed by a Japanese company. For the game to be played, players have to collect cards built around their Pokémon character; it could be simple energy cards or more advanced power-up cards.

Gold Pokémon cards, although highly sought after, are not official Pokémon cards. The most popular golden Pokémon cards were introduced in 1999 by Burger King as part of their meal packages.

At the time of inception, golden Pokémon cards were worth between $20 to $50 a piece. However, after the Pokémon cards’ 20th anniversary in 2016, the price of several cards increased; like the 24K Ginza Tanaka Japanese that cost about $29,000. However, the rare collectible card was sold at $2,000 upon release.

Some of the most valuable Pokémon cards

Over the years, other rare gold Pokémon cards have become more expensive than they used to be. The list below highlights five of the costliest rare golden Pokémon cards:

Plasma freeze Ultra Ball card

Currently costing over $250, the plasma freeze Ultra Ball card is the most expensive Pokémon golden card. That it was released in 2014, which means it’s still playable and coupled with the fact that it’s quite rare to find are some of the reasons why the card is as expensive.

Legendary Treasures Cards (Zekrom and Reshiram)

The legendary treasure cards are gold rare Pokémon cards and are the next set of most expensive golden Pokémon cards. The main attraction for these cards is that they are non-rule box cards. The zekrom and Reshiram cards are also expensive for the attack moves they permit when used. The Legendary Treasures Cards cost about $102 to $105.

Dragon Majesty Ultra Necrozma Card

The Ultra Necrozma is the rarest card from the Dragon Majesty set and is popular for its awesome attack moves. With the Ultra Necrozma card, a player can eliminate all their opponents with a single shot. The current cost of the Dragon Majesty Ultra Necrozma is about $87.79.

Chilling Reign Snorlax Card

The snorlax card was one the very competitive Pokémon cards when they were first introduced, not to mention that it is a non-rule box card. Many cards in the chilling reign set are highly sought after by collectors; however, the Snorlax card beats them all and is currently priced at $72.18.

Brilliant Stars Arceus VSTAR Card

Brilliant Stars are another set of competitive stars with the Arceus VSTAR being the most popular Brilliant Star Card in circulation. The Arceus VSTAR Card is also an ultra rare golden Pokémon card that costs about $34.87


Golden Pokémon cards are highly collectible items by players all around the world with many of the cards being extremely rare. There are more than 100 golden Pokémon cards in circulation today and more will likely be introduced in the future.

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