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Replacing the Pump or Buying a New Pressure Washer

For most people, the time has come to change the pressure washer’s pump. This is a common problem, assuming you’re using a residential washer — 80% to 90% of residential washers require pumps replacement at least once during their lifetimes. The problem with changing the pump is that replacing it is a relatively involved process — there are dozens of different types of pumps, and many different brands and models.

So what should you do when faced with the new- best pressure pump choice? It’s a good idea to avoid the impulse purchase and do as much research as possible before making your decision.

Here are some points to consider:

Not all pumps are manufactured equal. There are two basic types of pumps: electric and liquid-cooled. Electric pumps usually have no moving parts, while liquid-cooled pumps can be noisy, chunky and noisy when they’re running in operation mode, because they rely on pressurized water to help move the fluid through the system.

The flow rate. The rate at which a pressure washer can move water through its system is pretty important. A fast pump can clean faster than a slow pump, so if you want to be able to clean quickly without expending too much energy, you’ll want a fast pump.

Diagnosing Pressure Washers

You can’t always diagnose a pressure washer on sight, especially if it’s been sitting around for a while. But there are some telltale signs that will help you determine whether an old, beat-up model is worth saving or whether it’s best to pass it by.

You can tell how long ago a pressure washer was manufactured by the serial number. If that number isn’t stamped somewhere and it’s written in the unit, you’ll have to take it apart to find out.

If the unit is solid and has no rust, check the hose connection and nozzle cap carefully for damage. If the hose is torn or frayed, you know a customer tried to fix it on his own. If the nozzle hasn’t been removed from the water line but has no rust, consider yourself lucky — an old factory mark-down can save you 50 percent or more on a new one.

How Can You Tell a Bad Pressure Washer Pump

Pressure washers are incredibly useful tools for home improvement. They can be used for cleaning driveways, washing cars and cleaning gutters. However, a pressure washer pump is probably the most important part of a pressure washer system. It’s very important to have a quality pressure washer pump that works well and lasts a long time.

A bad pressure washer pump can ruin a beautiful wash job. It might not even work at all if the bearings are worn out or the seals are damaged. But it can also be more subtle and give you some other problems over time.

You can tell a broken pressure washer pump by:

  • If the pump doesn’t work, the engine can’t run.
  • The first thing to check is the “pressure switch”. If this hasn’t tripped over time, there’s probably something wrong with the pump. A pressure switch works by turning off the pump and opening a circuit to the engine when it senses low pressure in the tank. When you turn on your pressure washer, this switch trips open.
  • If you’ve got a plastic check valve between your pump and the engine, that’s probably why the pressure switch isn’t working. (Check valves are used in many different applications.)

Sometimes though, replacing the pressure switch alone isn’t enough to fix the problem. In that case, you might have to replace the motor. At such times before going on with your purchase, it would be best to visit Giraffetools collections and get expert guidance from pressure washer professionals.

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