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The Beer Gun: What’s It All About?

A shotgun beer gun is a tool for dispensing beer from a keg into bottles or growlers. You pull a trigger on the portable gadget to disperse the beer. Using this method, you won’t need a cumbersome counter-pressure filler anymore to quickly and efficiently fill bottles or growlers.

Should You Invest In A Beer Gun?

Your beer will taste better than a beer gun; that is certain. With the beer gun, you can remove all the air from the bottle before you fill it, extending the beer’s freshness and preserving its flavor.

There’s no need for a bottling wand, which can contaminate beer with air and microorganisms. Bottling beer with a beer gun is a better investment of time and energy than using other methods.

The Pluto Gun: What Is It?

Beer is dispensed from a keg into a glass using a cylindrical device known as a Pluto Gun, which uses a CO2 cartridge. You pull the trigger to release the CO2 and propel the beer forward.

Using a Beer Gun to Fill Bottle Directly from a Keg: Hints & Tips

There will always be a moment when people who keg their homebrew would like to bottle up some of their delicious concoction to share with friends or store away for later use. A device known as a beer pistol facilitates and facilitates this.

The beer gun is a device that allows the user to fill bottles with beer when attached to a keg and a CO2 tank. These beer guns eliminate the risk of oxygenation and the need for sophisticated counter-pressure filling equipment, making bottle filling a breeze.

There are two triggers on a beer gun, one to release the beer and the other to remove oxygen from the bottle. The first time you use a beer pistol, you might feel intimidated. What follows is advice I’ve gleaned through experience.

1. Prepare Everything Before Starting

Prepare your bottle capping station by placing the capping equipment and bottle caps within easy reach. Newbies often overlook this detail because they can’t wait to get their hands on a beer pistol.

2. Pour A Beer With A Beer Gun

This will get you used to using it and rid the line of all oxygen simultaneously. Glass allows you to wait for the foam to settle after the initial pour, which is the most prevalent issue.

3. Cold bottles, Sanitizer, And Beer Gun

Foaming may be minimized by serving your beer at the same temperature. Store them in a refrigerator or kegerator to guarantee that the temperatures remain uniform throughout. If you forget this step and want to be safe, just put it in the freezer for 10 minutes.

4. Using 2-5 PSI, Dispense Beer

Due to the low pressure, the beer will not spray when the can is opened at rapid speed. Beer will also produce excessive foaming if subjected to high pressure. Beer guns are not meant to be used at serving pressure, and you will be sorry if you try. After making a pressure adjustment, you must release the keg’s internal pressure.

5. Cap The Pistol With A Sanitizer Pitcher

Once the bottle has been purged of CO2 for 5 seconds, I fill it, conduct another brief headspace purge, and finally, You can set the cap while storing the beer gun in the pitcher. Instinctively, I crimp the cap shut. Usually, I work on one bottle at a time.

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